In Loving Memory

On Thursday, August 30 at 2:33 pm PDT, my grandfather took his last breath. He had survived 2 years and 29 days without his wife of over 60 years. He outlasted and disproved just about every medical estimate given to him, from the moment the doctors told him he’d never walk or work again after his stroke 37 years ago (he did) to living a full week longer than his hospice nurse expected. He was a fighter, the youngest of 7 living siblings (plus 2 who were stillborn), growing up in depression-era Indiana. He served his country, breaking nearly every bone in the process. He helped my grandmother follow her passion with her hula studio. He was wise, humble, kind and loving. I like to think that I got my writing skills from him. I would like to share one of his poems with you, in his memory.

I love you, Gramps.

My Gramps
Photo by Ken Posney, Kawaiola Photography


You never really knew me
But you held me
You kept me warm and safe
And carried me every where
I was always with you
I heard your laughter
And I felt your heartbeat
I marveled at your voice
And I felt your love
I saw through your eyes
And I sighed with your breath
You told every one about me
And made plans for me
You were soooo happy
And you loved me
I love you too.
And I still do
As does God.
He saw how much you
Loved me and needed me
God knows how you much
You wanted to hold me
God knows how much
You wanted me to be there
I am there
I will always be there
You will always hear my voice
If you listen

You will always feel my hand
If you let me touch you
You will always see me
If you look
I am a special gift
To you from God
For I am now an angel
Your special angel
For God makes angels too


By Michael F. Finneran

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