Brief Update

Time has been flying by this year, at least for me.  Sometimes, I can hardly believe it’s already almost November, that over 7 months have passed since I went into inpatient, or that I’ve been back to work for 3 months already, longer than I was out on leave.  Other times, the day or week seems to drag on for what feels like eons.

Yet, time marches on, each day consisting of the same number of hours and minutes, regardless of how it may seem as we live them.  So, here I stand, staring down the last 2 days of October, wondering where the last year has gone.

Rather than get bogged down with the weight of passing time, over the past few days, I’ve been looking ahead at the stressful days to come, I started wondering how I can stay on top of my self care routine, really prioritize it, and even possibly find new ideas to work into rotation.  I remember seeing another blogger do 30 days of self care in November last year, but, unfortunately, I can’t find their blog anymore.  When I saw it, I thought it looked like an awesome idea, and a good alternative to NaNoWriMo, which I’ve done several times in the past.  I did some Google searching, and found inspiration on the Mindful Productivity blog.  I also broke out my GRAPES list, and threw together a check list of options to carry me through November.  

As I was deciding to do this, I went to lunch with some co-workers, and mentioned that I’d be trying to do something like this, to help make sure I was prioritizing my own health during these busy weeks, and they were interested in doing it, too.  So, once I put together the list, I shared it with them.  I mentioned the idea to my mom, and she also wanted to try it, as did hubby.  Then, at the AFSP Out of the Darkness Community walk this past weekend, my sister sounded interested in joining us.  I’ve since turned the list into a PDF, and I’ve decided to share it with you, my readers.

30 Days of Self Care

How do the holidays go for you?  Care to join in on the 30 days of Self Care in November?

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