About Me

I called this blog “Writing Out My Storms” because I love a good play on words.  What can you expect to find here?  Posts on my writing process.  Posts on my relationship with my depression.  Posts on my process and progress of accepting my past and building skills for a healthier future.

Who am I?  A mother, a wife, a daughter.  I am a Catholic re-vert.  I am a woman who is trying to find a way to use the English/Creative Writing degree that I went into debt to get.  My passions include: my family, my faith, reading, writing, and hula.

Why am I doing this?  Honestly, because without a goal, I will never write.  I have also found it reassuring and comforting to read others’ experiences with depression and anxiety.  I want to do my own part of pulling back the curtain and erasing the stigma about mental health issues.

So, please, stay awhile and join me as I find peace in the storms.